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Ductless Mini-Split HVAC Systems in Grafton , Shrewsbury and Nearby Areas

Looking for an HVAC upgrade? Ductless systems improve your home’s comfort and use less energy. For homeowners in Massachusetts choosing a new air conditioning system, there’s no better choice than a ductless mini-split.

A ductless air conditioning system, often referred to as a mini-split air conditioner, is an efficient and effective alternative to the standard cooling system. The ductless AC unit is designed to provide quiet, optimal comfort while maximizing energy efficiency and reducing your utility costs over time.

Above & Beyond Plumbing & Heating provides ductless AC installation, repair, and maintenance services for homeowners in the Shrewsbury, Grafton area and beyond. We can recommend the right Carrier ductless system for your home and provide quick and effective service over the lifetime of the unit.

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How it works:

    • When you turn on the unit, the evaporator (indoor unit) draws warm air from inside your home and moves it across a set of cold evaporator coils.
      The refrigerant inside the evaporator coils is what makes them cold.
    • This refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air and sends it to the condenser unit (outdoor unit).
    • After removing heat from the air, the evaporator blows the now cooled air back out into the room and throughout your home.
    • The condenser unit removes the heat and blows it into the outdoor air before moving the refrigerant back through the refrigerant line to the evaporator where the process can continue.

For systems that provide both heating and cooling (known as heat pumps), this process is essentially reversed when the heat function is being used. Warm air is drawn from outside and sent to the indoor unit where it can be distributed throughout your home.

Save Money with a Ductless AC Unit

One of the greatest benefits of a ductless AC unit is that it helps you save money on utilities year-round. Air conditioners use up a significant amount of energy, so choosing a more efficient system can make a big impact on your bills. Since the mini-split system does not require ducts, it allows homeowners to avoid the energy loss that’s typically associated with ductwork. Reducing wasted energy will enable you to save more money on utility costs over time.

The ductless AC unit also offers an affordable option for homes that don’t have ducts or just don’t have the space to include them. The refrigeration lines used in a ductless split system are inexpensive and can be installed quickly. Not to mention, they are portable if you decide to take the system with you to a new home. In the end, you can save more money by getting the most out of your new ductless AC.

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